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Catalog of giclee prints with gel coating

Welcome to our unique catalog of helium coated canvas paintings. You can buy high-quality reproductions of your favorite works of art here. In the shortest possible time we will create an exclusive interior element for your home and arrange fast delivery. We guarantee impeccable quality. Our customers always receive a product comparable in quality to museum exhibits.

What a giclee printing is - main features

Giclee is a digital print that allows you to convey the smallest nuances of color and chiaroscuro accurately, reproduce the character and texture of each stroke. Giclee technology allows you to create exclusive digital art reproductions of unique masterpieces of painting on natural canvas. Modern equipment allows you to get pictures that are not inferior to the original in terms of quality and color reproduction.

The word giclee is derived from the French "Le gicleur", which means «to spray, to sprinkle». Whereas copies made by professional copyists in oil on canvas are only a mere imitation, digital art reproduction using giclee technology is an exact, facsimile reproduction of a genuine work.

Texture of giclee prints

Giclee technology ensures a remarkable resemblance to the original artwork. The drawing completely coincides with the original painting. The cotton canvas shows strokes and craquelures, which creates an effect of striking naturalness.

Classical reproduction does not convey the relief texture of the drawing, while printing on canvas using the unique giclee technique allows you to create a real masterpieces. By applying special gels to the surface of the reproduction, the artist is able to achieve the maximum naturalness of the canvas. Thanks to the use of fade-resistant pigments and improved print media, reproductions are not only spectacular but also long-lasting. Giclee prints have excellent archival properties compared to other popular fine art reproduction techniques.

Art printing with helium coating from Gj art shop

In our workshop we are often asked to make a unique gift for a loved one and we are always ready to realize such a task. Just give us a few parameters as a technical task and we will find the right composition for you. Your gift is sure to make a rapturous impression!

Many customers ask us how our reproductions are born? First the picture is printed on real cotton canvas using a digital printer, then the famous Czech artist Alexander Onischenko hand-paints the details with transparent gel. This unique effect makes the paintings look as natural as possible.

Our catalog contains a unique selection of bestsellers from Alexander Onishchenko, which will decorate your home and will be a great gift for a significant event.

Advantages of buying paintings from Gj art shop:
  • Quality assurance. If there is at least one defect in the work, it is immediately sent for correction.
  • Cotton canvas and full matching. The finished work resembles a real work of art.
  • Affordable pricing. In our art store, everyone can buy a high-quality print.
  • Fast and safe delivery. Art reproductions are sent to the client in kraft tubes


Affordable prices are one of our key advantages. If you need a picture of a non-standard size, then it will cost a little more. Terms and conditions for such orders are discussed individually.

Artist - Alexandr Onishenko

Alexandr Onishenko photo

Alexandr Onishenko is recognized around the world as an expressive and sensitive artist, by his unique Black Canvas technique.

One of the most successful artists in the Czech Republic came to this country with few possessions and began selling his work, alongside with artists on the Charles Bridge.

Alexandr Onishenko, Ukrainian by birth, was not there long. The quality of his work shone out he was offered exhibitions not just in this country but also in Germany, France, Spain, U.K., USA etc.

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